October 15, 2020

Open Enrollment is Here!

Medicare Open Enrollment is Here! October 15 - December 7

Do you have questions? Call me for a review TODAY!

NOW is the time to check the options you have to better your health care coverage. It is possible you already have the plan that fits better your needs and wants. Let us talk about it. No pressure but no delays either because December 7 is near.
Either Your situation has changed or You want a change.

Is the scenario that:
Are You Turning 65?  Do You have Diabetes or Heart Disease or COPD?
Are You Moving? 
Is Your Plan Canceling?  
Or Are you on Medicaid?
Ask me for Information. Ask about Medicare Advantage plans at $0 premium.

Ask me about very competitive Medicare Supplement Plans

You have choices:   Anthem Blue Cross
                                 Blue Shield of  California
                                 United American
                                 United HealthCare 

September 7, 2020

September 2 Remember!

September is here, and as we leave Summer and embrace Fall, there are a few issues that start arriving in our mailboxes, emails, inboxes, etc.

In September, we must remember to start preparing for Winter. And , best is to start with our own personal affairs.
Healthwise, it is time to schedule the annual physical if not already done. It is time to plan the vaccines - flu and any other your primary care doctor recommends.

The kids are back 2 school - really? - and they need more structure and support then ever. This Covid pandemic is causing a lot of disruption- academically and socially.

In September, we must begin preparing the house for winter months, specially if living in the colder areas. Also, the planning for the holidays is not so soon.

In September, is harvest time and a great opportunity for some family time together apple picking, pumpkin patch, etc.

In September, we must also remember that Medicare Open Enrollment is just around the corner.
It is time to start reflecting on the coverage we now have for health care and how good it has been, or not. Time to plan to contact your agent 4 life and schedule a review of current plan, and to get to know if other plan will be better fit for 2021!
Note that only on October 1 I can start talking 2021. Rules!

May September be the month we leave behind the disappointments life brought us thus far this year.
Life renews as the leaves fall. The old falls to give room to the new.

Life is not perfect, but it is great living. Share Life at home, at church, at school, at wherever you are.

I am Your Agent 4 Life!

February 5, 2020

Life Happens!

Open Enrollment for Individual & Family Plans is over. However, life happens! And if you have any change to your current situation – move, loss of job, marriage, divorce, etc., you may qualify for special enrollment. How do you know? Let me know your questions. As your agent, I am ready to talk.
This is called the month of love and sure enough, it gets us thinking more about how to say “I love You”.  Remember that love is much more than words. Love  is to be present and caring. Show you love more than you say you love. And, get out there and have some fun! ShareYou!

Take time for breathing and evaluate the needs of your family and yourself. Think what  other need to be covered?  Mortgage? Dental & Vision? Accident? Disability?  What?
Let me know how I can help.

Tax season is here! Just one tip to avoid identity theft – IRS never initiates contact other than by mail. The voice mail message may sound like IRS, but it’s not.  And, same with  email; may read like from IRS, but it’s not.  You – smart!

Well, until we meet again, go make some good happen & Share Life!

 Your Agent 4 Life,

January 5, 2020

Here we are in 2020!

We made it through the passing of time to another year.
There are changes already in the books. Taxes! Health care! What more?!

Changes come and go and we must adapt so we can move forward.
Adapt does not mean endorse or agree or adopt as our own.
There are changes we have no control over. And there are ones we can control.
And the ones we control, those are the ones that matter and the ones to focus on.

Let us look at 2020 and see the possibilities we have to make a positive change.
No matter how young at age or heart we are, we can cause change. Let it be a good one.

Take a moment (or two) to take notice of your own life. Look within. Look again.
What do you want to happen in 2020? Only you can answer that question.
Take notice of your health, your soul.

Share You! with others. Family, friends, neighbors, strangers.
We are more than one body. When we gather, we are more than the sum of us all.
Notice again how much potential you have as one person.

Don't wait to be loved - love first.
Don't wait to get healthy first before getting involved in your community.
Surely none of us is getting younger in years, but what is our real age?
Don't let the calendar tell you how old you are. Tell it how young you are at heart.

I do wish you a year with joy and health and excitement.

THEREFORE - Get out there and make something new!

Let me know your questions. How can I help to better your insurance planning.

Share Life!

March 8, 2018

Guard your card!

You are getting new card.
Cards will be mailed between April 2018 and April 2019.

Why new Medicare card?
Because fraud happens and you and your Medicare number need protection.

Your new Medicare card will be a number different from your social security number.

Help in the fight against healthcare fraud, waste and abuse by protecting your identity.

Do not give your numbers or personal information unless to someone you trust.
And if pressured, contact your agent or Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE.

Guard your card. This advise goes to not only our senior community, but to all of us.
Identity theft and fraud and crime can target anyone in spite of age.
Let us be guard dogs for each other, and if you see or know something - say something.

Let me know your questions about insurance.
Be a friend - send a friend for insurance review or advise. It's free.

Until next time, take good care of your self.