February 5, 2020

Life Happens!

Open Enrollment for Individual & Family Plans is over. However, life happens! And if you have any change to your current situation – move, loss of job, marriage, divorce, etc., you may qualify for special enrollment. How do you know? Let me know your questions. As your agent, I am ready to talk.
This is called the month of love and sure enough, it gets us thinking more about how to say “I love You”.  Remember that love is much more than words. Love  is to be present and caring. Show you love more than you say you love. And, get out there and have some fun! ShareYou!

Take time for breathing and evaluate the needs of your family and yourself. Think what  other need to be covered?  Mortgage? Dental & Vision? Accident? Disability?  What?
Let me know how I can help.

Tax season is here! Just one tip to avoid identity theft – IRS never initiates contact other than by mail. The voice mail message may sound like IRS, but it’s not.  And, same with  email; may read like from IRS, but it’s not.  You – smart!

Well, until we meet again, go make some good happen & Share Life!

 Your Agent 4 Life,